Bluetooth Phone Call Recorder


  • Wirelessly Record Mobile Phone Conversations
  • Easy to Use - Plug & Play
  • High Quality Call Recorder
  • 4GB Built-in USB Flash Drive
  • Recording Time - 144 Hours
  • 12 Hour Battery Life
  • Continuously Record Calls for 9 hours
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Where to Use

This popular Bluetooth Phone Call Recorder is used to record important phone calls. For complete discretion, this easy to use product does NOT notify or alert the call recipient that they are being recorded!

Internal Storage

The 4GB internal memory holds up to 144 hours of call and audio recording. Meaning you can keep your important recordings safely and securely on the device's internal memory.

Battery Life

Boasting an incredible battery life, the device can continuously record for up to 12 hours or playback for 5 hours. This device can function for 360 hours in standby mode.

Bluetooth Phone Call Recorder Design

This piece of equipment is compact and lightweight. It does not make any sounds or alerts to the party on the other end of the call.

Product Specifications

  • Easy to Use: Call Button On, and talk!
  • Weight - 0.5 grams
  • Dimensions: 20mm x 113mm x 11.5mm
  • Internal memory of 4GB
  • Up to 12-hours battery life when used for general recording
  • Rechargeable Battery and only 2 Hours to Fully Charge
  • Includes - Guide & Cable

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