Are you looking for professional grade spy products? With so much demand for spy gadgets and spy products, we created this website to provide high quality products directly to individuals. Whether you need a hidden camera or a GPS tracker, we provide products and services to fit your needs. 

On this site, you can buy spy gadgets and spy equipment to help you in your investigation.

Here are some additional points of information about buying spy gear online.

What is spy gear?

We use this term for a variety of products. Much of the spy gear we offer falls into the surveillance equipment category. That category includes gadgets like GPS trackers so you know where a person or vehicle is located. Another group includes hidden cameras. We also offer covert listening devices, monitoring software, data recovery software and forensics analysis for computers and phones.

Variety of hidden camera options

First, consider your situation and what type of camera may work the best. You can choose to monitor your home or office 24/7. Or you may require a mobile camera that can actually go with you. There are many hidden cameras from which to select; each with unique features and sizes. There are also options to meet each budget. 

What equipment is right for you?

When choosing spy equipment, it may seem overwhelming as there are many choices. That’s why we’re here to answer any questions you may have. We can also make recommendations based on your needs.

Proper use of spy gear

You won’t need to be a technical expert to use most of the spy gadgets we offer. But it’s always good to get some insights on how to properly use equipment. We can help with that, too. Although there are many choices, that doesn’t mean that all equipment is comparable. Often, each product will have unique features and functions that will make it more or less ideal for your particular needs. We're here to help you navigate your choices; we are interested most in helping our clients, not just a quick sale.

Discreet payment and shipping

You can buy spy gadgets online and still expect discretion. We offer payment methods and shipping that won’t alert any suspicions should you need to keep this purchase private. Don’t worry about a huge package being delivered to your door that says SPY GEAR. Our packages arrive in nondescript, regular packaging for confidentiality.

Who purchases spy equipment online?

We provide products to many different individuals and groups. We serve both individual consumers and organisations. We’ve helped many consumers across Australia with their spy equipment needs. You may feel a bit self-conscious about browsing a spy equipment website. You can feel more comfortable knowing that we process hundreds of orders every day. So, you’re not alone! You can always expect us to be discreet relating to these transactions. We are committed to complete confidentiality regarding your purchases and communications with us.

Excellence in customer service

We are serious about serving the needs of our customers. Our product details contain complete and thorough information. We do this so you can compare products and gain knowledge of spy equipment. We’re also here to answer questions and provide recommendations.

If after you purchase your equipment, you find it doesn’t fit your needs, please contact us.

Our staff are here to help and will always do so in a friendly and respectful manner. We’re also Australian owned and operated.

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